Three stories about growing up with movies


An ode to India’s recent triumph down under

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It’s the start of a new year. 2012. Despite a Boxing Day drubbing at the hands of Pattinson, Hilfenhaus and Siddle- a trio whose names don’t really strike fear into the hearts of anybody the same way Warner, McGrath and Lee or Holding, Garner & Marshall do, my hopes are up for an improbable comeback. It’s perhaps the folly of a youthful cricket fan, somebody who had not lived long enough to see the dark days of tuning into a CRT television to see one man carry the team or witness an army of trundlers get smashed all around the…

David Bowie as Jack Celliers in Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence

As a farcical court martial involving a disorderly British soldier is about to cease, a young Japanese captain makes a request to persist with the interrogation. He starts off by quoting Shakespeare’s Danish play. Thus begins a rapid back and forth between the close-ups of an androgynous British rockstar, fresh off the release of his divisive album Let’s Dance, and a stalwart of Japanese electronic music whose alleviating synth soundtrack kicks off the opening moments of Nagisa Oshima’s 1983 classic Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence.

After their verbal sparring, Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Captain Yonoi demands to see Jack Celliers’ (David Bowie) scars…

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The goalkeeper is trying to figure out which corner the kicker will send the ball into,” Bloch said. “If he knows the kicker, he knows which corner he usually goes for. But maybe the kicker is also counting on the goalie’s figuring this out. So the goalie goes on figuring that just today the ball might go into the other corner. But what if the kicker follows the goalkeeper’s thinking and plans to shoot into the usual corner after all? And so on, and so on.

It’s stoppage time at Vicarage Road. Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster has been given the…


The Goddess is a 1934 Chinese silent film directed by Wu Yonggang and starring Ruan Ling-Yu in one of her most definitive screen roles as a prostitute trying to get her son a good education amidst social injustice in Shanghai.

There are many parallels in The Goddess and Ruan Ling-Yu’s tumultuous off-screen life. Here Ruan plays a prostitute, which apparently was the occupation of every 1 in 13 women in Shanghai during that period. Although the Chinese Garbo was an incredible actress and a major player for the Lianhua Film Company, the show business profession was frowned upon by the…


Laborer’s Love/Romance of the Fruit Peddler is the only surviving film from the three comedic shorts that the Mingxing Film Company made in 1922.

Film Available to Watch Here


There is a reason why we have an intertitle stating that the fruit peddler was a carpenter prior to his current profession. The early Chinese films were heavily influenced by the turbulent political scenario in their midst be it Lianhua Film Company’s portrayal of class struggles in their series of 1930s silent films or in this case, the first major Chinese film made during the height of the expansion of…

Ritwik Tripathy

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